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Smooth Camera Kit Usage


There are 2 Functions you need to know of “SetEnable” and “SetInterpSnapSize”.

If at any point you feel like you want to use your own camera during runtime to switch out to a different camera or something else, then use the SetEnable from the BP_SmoothCameraComponent. This will make sure our pack will not override the camera location/rotation and FOV.

Set interp snap size is the snap size on which it will round the interp from the functions (usually you don’t want to change this, it’s default is 0.002.)

Setup Camera

To setup your camera, create a new child (Don't duplicate 😇) from Content/SmoothCamera/BP_CameraHandle and setup it’s values. We’ll go over each one below.

Once you place your actor in the scene, there is a tick box that says Initial Setup, ticking this to true will turn it to false on every other one. The initial tick box is the initial settings you’d like to start with.

ShapeThe Shape of the overlap, generally this is a box
Box ExtentThe extend of the shape when it’s a box
RadiusThe radius of the capsule or sphere
Half-HeightHalf Height of the capsule
ViewModeTopdown mode or Sidescroller mode, generally don’t change this during play.
LocationViewModeThe location mode for the camera
- InstantInstant will follow with a lag based on FollowInterpSpeed
- Non-InstantInstant will follow but will travel less than the camera
- StaticStatic will always remain on the same location
- MultiplayerArranges camera to work in Multiplayer and see all players
- SplineFollows Spline if spline is specified at the bottom of the struct
RotationModeControls the rotation of the camera
- CharacterWill follow the character pitch and Yaw
- Character-zWill follow but will only listen to Yaw
StaticStatic will always look at the target location
MultiplayerTargets to center of players
SplineTargets to camera offset direction, which is always towards spline
ArmLengthThe length of the camera arm from the target location or character location
WaitForThresholdShould we wait on threshold once we stopped moving?
ThresholdsizeThe distance from start of wait until we follow again
FollowSpeedNon-Instant distance of the player, 0.5 is half the distance for the camera
FollowInterpSpeedInterpolation speed of the camera
TargetLocationStatic Location the camera is at and/or looks at
bFollowCharZShould we follow char Z when jumping?
CharTracezHeightHeight from floor from which we follow the player
TopCameraOffsetOffset of the camera in topdown mode
TopdownConstraintWhether we lock on X or Y
CatchupDistanceOn Non-Instant follow, how far can the player go before the camera catches up
MultiplayerDetailsSpecific details to drive multiplayer settings
- MinDistanceMinimum distance camera is away from player
- MaxDistanceMax distance camera is away from player
DirectionOffsetMaxDistance to project the camera to in the walk direction to see what’s up ahead
CameraSplineSpline to control the camera with, if specified also set location or rotation mode to Spline