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Player Stats Kit Setup

step 1

When in your project, open your own PlayerController.

step 2

Next add the BPI_PlayerStats interface in Class Settings.

step 3

Also add the BPAC_PlayerStatsComponent to your PlayerController.

step 4

When this is done we want to on If(IsLocalPlayerController) Create the Main Stats widget and set it in the BPAC_PlayerStatsComponent. (this is done in your own playercontroller)

(You can copy paste this code from the BP_PlayerStatsExampleController into your own controller)

step 5

In the added GetStatsComp Interface function get the BPAC_PlayerStatsComponent and return it. Also in the IncreaseValue Interface function hook up the BPAC_PlayerStatsComponent Increase Value function.

These functions can be found on the left hand side of your player controller and player pawn where you added the BPI_PlayerStats.

This is everything you are required to do. 😄