Interaction Kit Usage

step 1

In your Player Character, on a key event call Interact(Not Interact with Object) and drag the key pin to the pin in the interact node. In our case we used the key “E”.

step 2

In any actor of your preference go to class settings and add the InteractInterface. This is an important step!

step 3

This will add an interface function to you blueprint, in the “GetData” node setup the values to your desire.

Interact Hover TextThe text to use when you are hovering over it, or looking at it
TextcolorThe color of said text
Show On ScreenShould text show on screen?
Light UpShould the post process react to it? Should the outline appear?
Highlight ComponentsComponents of the actor that will light up when looking at it.
Outline ColorColor of said outline
Interact ComponentsAll components you need to look or hover over to trigger a interact.

step 4

Next, in the actor we added the interface, call the event “Event Interact With Object”. And from there we are interacting with the actors, you can check the key used, action ID to do x or y based on said ID and a reference to the pawn and player controller.