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Interaction Kit Setup

Step 1

In your custom PlayerController,Create a function called CreateHud, in there check if it’s locally controlled(IsLocalPlayerController), then create and interaction Hud widget, create a variable from it and add to the viewport, then in the return node reference the newly created HUD.

Step 2

In your custom PlayerCharacter, add the component “InteractionComponent”.

Step 3

Next, on Event Possessed, create a custom event with Replication OnOwningClient and Reliable. Input should be a pin of a Controller type. Hook this up to your event possessed. After the custom event, cast to your PlayerController and call the function CreateHUD and use the output as the interaction HUD reference, and call the setup node from the Interaction Component we added earlier.

Step 4

Next, setup this setup node, default values can be seen in the image below.


At this stage you should be able to place examples delivered by us in the scene and look at them. Next, in your level go to your post process volume, Go the “blendables”(pre 4.15) and to go Post Process materials in 4.15+. Add an item to the array, select Asset reference and search for PP_OutlineCustomDepthOccolusion. At this stage, when looking at a object it should light up if the asset is setup to light up.