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Achievepedia Usage

Add/Remove Widget

To show/hide the achievepedia you can call the event called “Add/Remove UMG” from NoteCore.


You can unlock an achievement, location, character to by calling the Unlock node. Specify the type and RowName you added in the DataTable explained below.


In order to add progress to an achievement you need to call the Add Progress node from the NoteCore, specify the RowName and amount to add.

Setting up Achievements

Adding Achievements, Locations, Characters, etc:

In the content folder navigate to Achievepedia/Database/. There you will find 5 data tables, each with their respective usage. In this case we will explain an achievement.

In AchievementsTable, add a new entry or change an existing one.

AchievementsTexthe name of the achievement
AchievementImageThe image to use along the achievement
SoundSound when unlocked
CoorColor of the achievement
NameColorColor of the text on the achievement
AmountToHaveBeforeUnlockHow much does the player have to add progress in order to unlock?