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Turret Kit Usage

Setting up the turret values

The turret has a lot of settings, we’ll go over the more unclear settings.

LerpSpeedThe speed of the turret rotating towards the player.
TargetLocRandomOffsetRandom offset around the target the turret will try to look to.
IdleLerpSpeedThe idle rotation speed of the turret.
Max and Min PitchThe max and min pitch when in Idle.

Setting up the turret meshes

Create a new child from the TurretPawn located in /Game/TurretKit/Blueprints/Logic/, In that you have a TurretBottom, TurretMid and TurretTop. The turret is set up by splitting up the turret meshes in 3 separate meshes, bottomstick that are static, midturn turns over its yaw and top rotates over it’s Pitch.